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18 Pregnancy Tests
4 Pregnancy Tests
Pregnancy Test Strips (Ultra-Sensitive)
18 Pregnancy Tests

Pregnancy Test Strips (Ultra-Sensitive)

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OVRY™ Pregnancy Test Strips are manufactured in Canada and are the highest quality tests available for at-home use.

 Test 6 days before your missed period
 Includes reusable cup
  Over 99.7% accurate
  Low cost per test
      4 Pregnancy Tests

      $19 CAD

      18 Pregnancy Tests

      $39 CAD

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      • Rapid results
      • Quality you can trust
      • Test strips are small & discreet
      • Convenient & affordable - test anytime, anywhere, as often as you want!
      • Environmentally friendly alternative - no more large single-use plastic applicators/handles
      • Order from the comfort of your home and have us deliver the tests to your door
      • Long lasting - all tests have a 24-month shelf life from the time of manufacturing. Each box and test pouch are stamped with their expiry date.

      Our tests are designed to be easy-to-use. Each box includes one reusable sample cup and step-by-step instructions. For a simple guide visit our learn page.


      Still  have questions? Not sure if these products are for you? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

      When used correctly, OVRY™ products are equally as accurate (and in many cases more accurate) than any test sold at the pharmacy. In fact, we boast exceptional quality as all our products are manufactured in Canada and are held to rigorous quality assurance standards set forth by the regulatory associations that govern the sale of medical devices in Canada and the US. 

      OVRY™ is able to offer high-quality and cost-effective tests because:

      • The “strip format” tests do not have digital displays or unnecessary packaging, such as the large single-use plastic handles found on nearly all tests available at the drugstore
      • Offering more tests per box reduces the manufacturing cost per test
      • Selling direct-to-consumer removes brick-and-mortar retailers therefore allowing the cost savings to be passed on to our customers
      18 Pregnancy Tests

      Pregnancy Test Strips (Ultra-Sensitive)

      $19.00 CAD