Ovulation Tracking: 5 common mistakes

Ovulation Tracking: 5 common mistakes

Disclaimer: Not all ovulation tests are the same. This article highlights the most common mistakes specifically for Ovry Ovulation Tests.

Mistake #1: Using the first urine of the day. Unlike pregnancy tests, Ovry Ovulation Tests should not be used with your first morning pee. For the best results, test between 10am-8pm. For the most consistent and accurate comparisons from day to day, try testing at the same time every day.

Mistake #2: Testing too late in your cycle and missing your LH surge. For the best results with Ovry Ovulation Tests, we recommend using our Ovulation Calculator. In just a couple clicks, the calculator will tell you the best day to start tracking. If you’re still not having luck, we recommend testing twice a day, at 10am and 6pm. Some people have very short LH surges which can be missed if testing only once a day.

Mistake #3: Interpreting the results too early or too late. The best time to read Ovry Ovulation Test results is 10-20 minutes after the test has been performed. Reading the results earlier than 10 minutes may not give the test enough time to fully react. Waiting longer than 30 minutes can make the results more difficult to interpret because the urine might backflow into the test area and the lines often get fainter as the test dries out.

Mistake #4: Drinking lots of liquid before taking a test. If there is too much liquid in your system when you perform an ovulation test, the concentration of luteinizing hormone in your urine can be too diluted, which may lead to a negative test result during ovulation. For the best results, we recommend limiting liquid intake for 2 hours before taking an Ovry Ovulation Test.

Mistake #5: For those trying to conceive, one big mistake can be waiting to get the darkest possible test line even after receiving a positive test result. Ovry Ovulation Tests return a positive result when the test line is the same colour or darker than the control line. Some people try to wait for the darkest possible test line to appear before getting busy, but doing so might actually be decreasing your chances of getting pregnant since the egg is only available for conception for up to 24 hours.
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