Let's talk about infertility with Brooke Roth

Let's talk about infertility with Brooke Roth

At 30 years old, Brooke Roth, group fitness instructor for The Class and Ride Cycle Studio, learnt that her AMH (egg count) was very low. After several failed fertility treatments, she was able to conceive naturally and now has two toddlers. Brooke shares the ups and downs of her fertility journey and about the importance of staying true to your journey. 

Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Brooke Roth, I work as the National Lead Instructor for Ride Cycle Club and I am a teacher of The Class by Taryn Toomey. I have 2 amazing busy toddlers named Bowie and Teddy, Bowie is 4 years old and Teddy is almost 3!  I have the most incredible husband name Gord who is my biggest support system and am grateful to live a wonderful life in Vancouver, BC.

What did your fertility journey look like from thinking about wanting children “one day” to conception?

It was a long road for me, I learned at 30 years old that my AMH (egg count) was very low, in fact likely the egg count of someone 20 years older than me. It was definitely a time that I felt very defeated and ashamed. Gord and I had just begun to think about starting a family and it was sad to hear that this could be a big challenge for us. Fast forward to 3 naturopaths, 2 failed rounds of IVF shots, 1 failed IUI and here we are 4 years after our news. There were a few different roadblocks, the IVF medication injections did not do anything, thousands of dollars later…. I was not responding to the medication and was told at this point that they may never work for me.  An egg donor or adoption was likely our future. I was coming to peace with the idea I may not be able to conceive my own biological children but I knew I wanted children. 

I then went to NYC for a work trip and visited my best friend, she was someone I loved and trusted more than anyone and had truly been here for me this entire journey. Gord and I thought if we had to have anyone donate an egg it would be her. We love her dearly and she is just such an amazing person, and in her 20’s at the time so prime eggs:) Turns out on that exact visit where we talked about her donating her eggs I would find out I was pregnant! Naturally! It was the best news of my life, I had no idea and was beyond grateful that I was with her when I found out, her support was truly a gift.  

How did you care for yourself while you were trying to conceive? 

When I was trying to conceive I just did my best to keep everything “normal”. There were so many injections and medications I just wanted to enjoy my life and keep everything as it was while I was trying all these different options. I kept up with my exercising which is a huge part of my life and work. I also made sure to stay really social because these situations can feel very isolating and I told a lot of people what I was going through because for me it helped to talk about it. I have a very dear friend who was so amazing throughout my journey, good friends and good company and nice wine.

What gave you hope to conceive after experiencing fertility challenges? 

I truly just knew I wanted to be a mom, and I just had so much faith that it would happen somehow, I can’t pinpoint the exact feeling I just knew that It would happen for us, somehow.

What have you learned about your body as a result of trying to conceive? That your body is a vessel, a gift, it’s trustworthy and honest, it speaks loudly and it is stronger than you could ever know.

Anything else you wish to share about your fertility journey? 

I just want everyone struggling to know that there is always a way, and to be hopeful!  Women are meant to reproduce, it's our nature and I know it's easier said than done because I have been through it and come out on the other side with two amazing little humans who are just the light of my world, but please keep your head up and stay true to this journey of yours, it will happen.


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