Our Top 5 Male Fertility Test FAQs

Our Top 5 Male Fertility Test FAQs

Our Male Fertility Test is a convenient way to test for low sperm concentration in semen, which is a leading indicator of male infertility. A positive test result indicates normal sperm concentration. A negative test result indicates low sperm concentration. You may be wondering, if I'm not struggling with infertility, should I or my partner take this test?

For couples looking to conceive (now or in the future), a negative result with an Ovry™ Male Fertility Test is an indication that you may have difficulty getting pregnant, which can inform a proactive decision to visit a physician for further analysis. 15% of couples struggle to get pregnant, and battling infertility can take a toll on a person's health, happiness and relationships.

This test is intended to highlight a major source of concern (low sperm concentration) early on, to help some couples from months of frustration. Many people associate fertility with women. Male fertility isn't

something we learn about in school and mainstream health conversations are often centered around optimizing a woman's health in her child bearing years. And yet this narrative excludes half of the equation.

Interested in taking the test or having your partner take one? Below we answer our most frequently asked questions about taking the test.

What if the second line on the Male Fertility Test is much lighter than the control line?

Unlike ovulation tests where the relative darkness of the test line (as compared to the control line) is important to determine the test result, for the Male Fertility to be positive, the second line (the test line) simply has to appear within 10 minutes for it to be considered a positive result. The relative darkness between the two lines does not matter. If a second line appears on the Male Fertility Test, even if it is lighter than the control line this is a positive and indicates that sperm concentration is above the 15 million/mL threshold.

If the second line is EXTREMELY faint (barely visible unless you really look for it)  but it does appear within 10 minutes, it is an indication that sperm concentration is likely very close to the test threshold of 15 million sperm per mL of semen. Though it is not impossible to get pregnant with sperm concentrations at that level, it may pose some challenges. Every person's journey to conceive and life circumstances are different so we always recommend that the best course of action should be decided between you, your partner and your medical doctor. Depending on age and where people are in their journey to conceive, some customers who experience results like this may opt to try lifestyle changes that have been shown to improve sperm concentration; in those circumstances we suggest people wait at least 3 months before performing another Male Fertility Test, in order to give enough time for the lifestyle changes to impact the male's sperm concentration.

How do I perform the test?


Procedure overview: Semen is ejaculated into the Sample Collection Cup. Once the semen sample sits for one hour, a few drops of the semen are transferred into the Collection Tube using the provided Dropper. Once the semen is mixed with the solution inside the Collection Tube, a few drops are transferred out of the Collection Tube and on to the Test Device. After 5 minutes, the Test Device should produce a positive, negative, or invalid result. See instructions for result interpretations.

Please refer to the instructions for use (ENGLISH | FRENCH)  for the detailed step-by-step procedure. For the test to be completed properly, it is imperative that all steps are carried out according to the instructions.


How often should I test?

The full process of producing new sperm takes around 70 days. Since lifestyle factors (like diet, sleep, drug use, weight etc.) can impact sperm concentration, it is recommended that those trying to conceive test every 3-4 months.

Is it possible to get varying results from day to day with the Ovry Male Fertility Test?

Yes, sperm concentration can vary and may improve (or deteriorate) with lifestyle changes. Therefore it is possible to get different results between two testing occurrences if significant lifestyle changes have occurred in that time. Some of the most common lifestyle changes that can improve sperm concentration include: improved diet,  avoiding smoking, avoiding drug use, and avoiding excessive alcohol consumption.

Does a negative result mean that I am infertile and therefore cannot get someone pregnant?

No. A negative result is an indication of low sperm concentration, not zero sperm. Therefore, it is still possible to get someone pregnant if you received a negative test result with an Ovry Male Fertility Test. This test cannot be used as a form of contraception.

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