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Male Fertility Test
Male Fertility Test
Male Fertility Test
Male Fertility Test

Male Fertility Test

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Nearly 50% of all infertility cases are linked to issues with sperm. The Ovry™ Male Fertility Test is a convenient at-home test to detect lower than normal sperm concentration in semen, which is a leading indicator of male infertility.

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The test kit includes everything you need to perform the test and is intended for anyone that wants to be proactive about their fertility or the fertility of their partner.

* The OVRY Male Fertility Test delivers results that are over 99% consistent with laboratory testing


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Male Fertility Test

Male Fertility Test

$62.00 CAD

How to take the test

The Basics

The Male Fertility Test is designed for at-home use. Once the test is completed, the Test Device produces a simple "positive" or "negative" result. A positive test result indicates normal sperm concentration. A negative test result indicates low sperm concentration.

For couples looking to conceive (now or in the future), a negative result with an OVRY Male Fertility Test is an indication that you may have difficulty getting pregnant, which can inform a proactive decision to visit a physician for further analysis.

Disclaimer: There are other factors beyond sperm concentration (like sperm motility and morphology) that can impact male fertility. Since the OVRY Male Fertility Test only measures sperm concentration, using this test alone is not enough to determine whether or not a person is fertile. However, sperm concentration is one of the leading indicators of male infertility: therefore, this test can save couples time and frustration by identifying possible obstacles to getting pregnant earlier that they might have otherwise discovered.

Why we made this

Despite sperm being half the equation, the burden of infertility often falls disproportionately on women. As a business founded on principles of equality, transparency and inclusivity, it's important to us to bring men and people with sperm into the fertility conversation. Not only are half of all infertility cases sperm-related, but recent studies have shown that sperm counts are on a rapid decline among men in Western countries.

The science behind our test

The Male Fertility Test is a qualitative immunoassay for the detection of sperm SP10 protein in semen. Research has shown that sperm SP10 protein has a linear relationship with sperm concentration. Since lower than normal sperm concentration (defined by the World Health Organization as sperm concentrations of less than 15 million sperm per milliliter) is a leading indicator of male infertility, the Male Fertility Test produces a positive result for sperm concentrations above 15 million sperm per milliliter and it produces a negative result for sperm concentrations below 15 million sperm per milliliter.

After a specimen is placed in the specimen well, it reacts with SP10 monoclonal antibody-coated particles that have been applied to the specimen pad. This mixture migrates chromatographically and interacts with the immobilized SP10 monoclonal antibody. This mixture binds to the SP10 monoclonal antibody in the test when SP10 protein is equal to or greater than 15 million sperm per milliliter, indicating a positive result.

Frequently Asked Questions

Procedure overview: Semen is ejaculated into the Sample Collection Cup. Once the semen sample sits for one hour, a few drops of the semen are transferred into the Collection Tube using the provided Dropper. Once the semen is mixed with the solution inside the Collection Tube, a few drops are transferred out of the Collection Tube and on to the Test Device. After 5 minutes, the Test Device should produce a positive, negative, or invalid result. See instructions for result interpretations. Please refer to the instructions for use for the detailed step-by-step procedure. For the test to be completed properly, it is imperative that all steps are carried out according to the instructions.

The OVRY™ Male Fertility does not require a trip to the doctors office since it is designed to be performed entirely at-home. However, this test only looks at sperm concentration and does not advise on sperm morphology or motility (which are also important indicators of male infertility). Therefore, sperm analyses that are requisitioned by doctors and performed in labs provide more insight into sperm health as it relates to the person's fertility. For this reason, our product is intended as a first step to help identify potential barriers early on. Regardless of the result from an OVRY™ Male Fertility, couples struggling to conceive for over a year are encouraged to consult with a physician.

The full process of producing new sperm takes around 70 days. Since lifestyle factors (like diet, sleep, drug use, weight etc.) can impact sperm concentration, it is recommended that those trying to conceive test every 3-4 months.