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Why women are becoming single parents by choice

Many single women don’t want to wait to find a partner before starting a family. They’re not letting relationships dictate their ability to become parents. A growing number of them are opting to have children on their own, whether that means seeking fertility treatments, sperm donors or another person committed to starting a family as single partners. Their journeys to parenthood may look a little different, but the outcome is the same. Here’s what four women had to say about why they decided to become single parents by choice.

Real Stories: My Fertility Journey - Part II with Savannah Walsh

In part two with Savannah Walsh, we explore postpartum care from the mom of 5 (soon to be 6!). Savannah didn’t set out to have so many children, but now can’t imagine her life without her small army of kids.

Real Stories: My Fertility Journey - Part I with Savannah Walsh

Savannah Walsh is a young mom in her seventh pregnancy, expecting her sixth baby. She didn’t always know she wanted to have so many kids, but an endometriosis diagnosis in 2016 changed the way she looked at fertility and having babies. She and her partner joke “we didn’t go looking for a life with a bunch of kids, it found us!”.