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Our Purpose

We're on a mission to reduce pregnancy-related stress for people with uteruses

Pregnancy tests are too expensive. OVRY woman leaning against a bag of money.


Pregnancy tests are way too expensive.

Pregnancy tests from the drugstore can cost up to $30 each, however, nearly all of them are manufactured for less than a dollar each. So why are they so expensive? The unfortunate answer is because they can be. Leading brands capitalize on the vulnerability of consumers who are desperate for answers. Do you think it's wrong to charge so much for something that costs so little to manufacture? We do too.

Pregnancy tests are not convenient. OVRY woman sitting on an hourglass.


Pregnancy tests aren't convenient.

Pregnancy tests from the drugstore only come in boxes containing one or two tests. What if you're one of the MANY people who experiences regular anxiety that you might be pregnant? Or you're trying to conceive and buying tests all the time? Should your only option be a week of stress as you nervously await your period each month? We don't think so.

Buying a pregnancy can suck. Ovry woman worrying about stigma shame and rumours.


For many people buying a pregnancy test is the worst.

Buying five things you don't need just to cover up the pregnancy test in your hand. Awkward comments from the cashier, "good luck sweetie...". Eyes nervously darting around while you pray you don't see your ex-boyfriend's mom in the checkout line. You get the idea. For many people, buying pregnancy tests can be stressful. We're not into that. Buying OVRY™ tests online provides the discretion many people need in order to feel comfortable buying a pregnancy test.

Pregnancy tests from the drugstore are wasteful. Ovry woman standing on landfill of plastic pregnancy tests.


Pregnancy tests are super wasteful.

Giant box aside (seriously though, why are the boxes so big?), pregnancy tests from the drugstore all have large single-use plastic handles. If you prefer a less wasteful and more discreet alternative, you've come to the right place.

OVRY solves all those problems

The convenience you deserve

Each OVRY™ box contains several pregnancy and/or ovulation tests so that you can have tests on-hand to use as often as you'd like. Our "strip format" tests are small, discreet and easy to use. All OVRY™ products are manufactured in North America, compliant with strict regulatory requirements and held to the highest quality standards. When used correctly, OVRY™ products are just as accurate (and in many cases more accurate) than any leading drugstore brand: OVRY™ Pregnancy Test Strips are over 99.7% accurate and OVRY™ Ovulation Test Strips are over 99.2% accurate.

Manufactured in North America

Female owned and operated

FDA Compliant


Why I started OVRY

My goal in starting OVRY™ is to provide womxn with the peace of mind they deserve in an affordable and convenient way. I have a blood clotting disorder called Factor V Leiden that approximately 5% of people have. This has no major impacts on my life other than my inability to use most kinds of hormonal birth control. Needless to say I endured many awkward pharmacy checkouts buying pregnancy tests as a teenager. The number of times I bought a $15-$20 test, peed on it, felt the relief of seeing a negative result and then hours later got my period is too many to count. When I discovered how exorbitant markups were on pregnancy tests, I became upset with how brands were capitalizing on the distress of people with uteruses. I also didn’t connect with the ads I saw for pregnancy tests showing a young person jumping for joy after seeing their “positive'' test result. In 2019, I carried out extensive market research in Canada and the US to determine if there were other womxn like me who experienced regular pregnancy-scares, or who have been dissuaded from buying a test because of stigma or cost. With resounding support, I sourced the highest quality tests available on the market motivated to make them accessible and convenient for people worldwide.

- Jackie